Our expertise and experience has seen us enter into a new venture. Our recently setup plant, JKH Herbal Products, which is used for pulverizing and grinding including sieving and blending of various spices, herbs etc. with an annual capacity of 3000 metric tons, marks another successful milestone for JKH Herbal Products.

Our Machinery enables us to achieve various mesh specifications depending on customer's requirements as per their specification in powder form and cut sizing even minimal quantities of 500 kgs of each product.
The various size specifications include coarse & fine grinding from 9 mesh to 200 mesh including tea-cut & Pizza-cut size etc.

To compete at par with the global market, JKH Herbal Products plant's Research and Development center analyses and develops products that are truly of exquisite quality. JKH continuously research and develops various products adopting stringent quality control measures because, after all our customer's satisfaction is top on priority list.

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