Our Stairway to Success

Our inception goes way back to the start of the century in the year 1900, when we started trading in Botanical Herbs. We have grown many folds since then engrossing vast experience and expertise in the natural produce items (Agricultural and Allied Operations) and distinguished ourselves as suppliers of Raw materials for Health products, Herbal Teas, Herbal Cosmetics, Diet Supplements, Food Additives, Fragrance Flavour, Perfumery & Essential Oil Industries and for blending in Pot - Pourris as well. Our personal interaction from the grass root level to preparations of well-processed and inspected goods reaching the ultimate user is the backbone to our success.

And these need just as much special care as the fields of our cultivators in the cultivation areas.

Global Reach

We constantly keep in direct contact with the producers and dealers. We seek and evaluate the ideal sources. In this way we guarantee our customers not only the best quality but also the best price. These two facts can be easily ascertained from our world wide relations i.e., our satisfied customers and international brokers spread all over America, Europe, Middle East Asia, Far East Asia, African Subcontinent and Australia. It is our earnest market study and exploring new horizons both at the prominent level and actual end users, which caters to our global reach. This helps us to spread our tentacles and build a large client base globally.


Quality and Product Purity are top priorities to us. The first quality control begins before conclusion of a purchase and ends with final control before processed goods leave our plant. In between an entire team is involved in constant monitoring from the crude product to the finished product, using the most up-to-date techniques involving reputed quality control agencies. Besides, to ensure the goods reach the destination in perfect condition, we do the stuffing into containers right in our plant.

This enables us to guarantee a really reliable quality standard. Our state of art and the most modern expert oriented plant for manufacturing, helps us to catch the customer specified quality control and their utmost satisfaction.

State of the Art Technology

In the area of "Natural Products Processing" a special instinct is important. We have latest range of Production Machinery for Cleaning, Sorting, Grading etc.

While on one hand we place emphasis on efficient processing of large amounts, on the other hand we use optimal processing methods to meet a wide variety of product requirement. We have a plant capacity of over 12,000 Tons annually for processing of various Oil seeds, Spices and Food Grains, Medicinal Leaves and Herbs, Dried Flowers etc. Apart from the traditional manual methods, we use highly modern combination of machines on thoroughly tested lines. The right technology for every product achieving above 99% purity.

Customer Satisfaction - Our Motto

Customers satisfaction has always been the basic essence of our business activities. Modern communication systems enable us to handle orders quickly and reliably. Besides highly motivated and efficient staff, we have a well-stocked library containing wide range of books, pertaining to our trade. Therefore we are easily able to identify the products by their common trade and botanical names as well. Our commitment to "Quality and Customer service" makes us the largest Exporter that we are today and also globally competitive and capable.

You can also benefit from our experience and definitely add to our expertise by extending us your valuable patronage.

The Road Ahead

The spirit of perseverance has served us well for over a century. Our knowledge and expertise has been handed over by five generations and we continue to strengthen our hands so as to serve humanity at large. Our director Mr. Anil Goel with his recently graduated son Mr. Sahil Goel combines the traditional and modern ideas to carve a niche in bringing out the importance of Natural Raw Materials in this chemically infested world.

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